Are you Export Ready?

Are you export ready? We have drawn up a short list of guidelines for companies who are looking to begin exporting abroad.

  1. Do your research. It’s important you know your product inside out as well as the country you will be exporting to. You also need to identify and analyse your target market, the demand for your product in the country you plan to export to and any competition that exists.
  1. Draw up a plan. Before beginning any exporting, you need to identify achievable goals: how many products do you plan on selling? And in what timeframe do you hope to do so? This also means putting aside adequate resources. Planning needs to be done with regard to the distribution channels & companies you hope to use & what price you will set on the products you are exporting to the country.
  1. When exporting abroad, one of the most important things to consider is how you get your products from Ireland to the chosen export country. You need a reputable, professional & experienced provider to crate & pack your products to ensure their safeguarding during export. This is where Precision Box can help. Contact us today for a quote and let us take care of your export crating & packing needs.
  1. Implement your plan & start exporting. It is important to manage stakeholder relationships with distributors, sellers and government agencies in the recipient country on an ongoing basis to avoid any complications. Aim to match supply with demand, market your product offering to ensure growth and tailor products to specific local tastes when required. Local knowledge can go a long way to ensuring success when exporting abroad.
  1. Ongoing management, review & commitment. Exporting presents ongoing challenges and company commitment to ensure continued success. Exporters should review their export management practices on an ongoing basis.

With the assistance of professionals such as Precision Box on your side, exporting can present your business with a huge opportunity for growth. By using Precision Box as your crating and packing specialist, we will do our bit to ensure your success in exporting.

Precision Box/Who we are & What we can do for your business?

What do we do? Precision Box was established in 1977 to provide high-quality crating and packing solutions for export, shipping and storage at a competitive price. Our solutions are perfect for exporting and offer you peace of mind when exporting your products abroad. With 40 years of experience in export crating & packing, Precision Box is the partner you need on your side for exporting success.

Posted by Precision Box on Friday, February 17, 2017