Storage Containers at Precision Box

Storage Containers

At Precision Box, our standard storage container is a quality kilmped container with a single lift off panel at each end.

Our PB storage container is fast to assemble using the klimp fixings – 28 per container. Typically, 5 minutes should see a container put together with two men.

The standard external dimensions are 2184 x 1574 x 2424 millimetres or 86 x 62 x 95.5 inches. This equates to a 250 cubic foot capacity. We supply them flat-pack with klimps and any of the accessories you may require.

Our storage container is designed to be stacked up to 5 high and each container can be loaded to 1 tonne on 18 millimetres plywood base.

We can also provide you with non-standard sized storage containers.

We also offer a number of accessories to go with our storage containers. These include:

  • Butterfly fasteners
  • Label Panel
  • Single & double doors