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At Precision Box, we offer the best quality crate products and services to our customers at a competitive price. We specialise in crating and packing solutions for export, domestic handling and storage and offer a variety of solutions to safeguard your product.

Our product range includes: crates, bases, storage containers, lift vans and collapsible crates made from  heat-treated timber, tailor made bags and liners, desiccant, including silica gel and activated clay, humidity indicators, impact and tilt indicators, anti-static shrouds and bags, volatile corrosion inhibitors.

We have expert knowledge on how to ensure effective packing and crating of your products against any potential damage, including moisture ingress, deterioration, corrosion, static electricity and other criteria that could affect your products during transportation or storage.

With 38 years’ experience and a damage-free record, Precision Box is the specialist you need when exporting or storing valuable products.


Along with offering individual crates, Precision Box provides a fully outsourced crating service. Contact us today to discuss outsourcing your unique crating needs, working with Precision Box, Ireland’s leading supplier of crating and packing solutions.

Crates & Bases at Precision Box


Lift Vans at Precision Box

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Crates & Bases at Precision Box

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Customised Packing at Precision Box

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