Crates and Bases

At Precision Box, we custom design crates and bases to suit customer requirements. All of our crates and bases are made to ISPM 15 standards.

All crates with skids are four way entry and our skilled personnel keep all design data and measurements for end products on record to ensure repeatable quality and savings through efficiency in the future.

We cater for a large range of industries and currently provide crating and boxing services to the following sectors and customer-types:

Commercial industry, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals, computers and software, automotive, agricultural and other machinery, Art galleries & museums, Antiques, Important documentation, Relocation-specific requirements.


Bases are custom designed to the load they carry. We make shock absorbing bases for delicate electrical and computer products.

All of our crates are marked by a stamp with a National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) approved symbol identifying Precision Box crates in accordance with ISPM 15 regulations.

ISPM 15 is the international standard on wood packaging material that describes phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of introduction and/or spread of quarantine pests associated with wood packaging material for use in international trade.

All of our solutions are item-specific and we offer a number of timber solutions to crate or pack anything you need. Reusable crates, foam profile cases, flight cases and multi-trip demountable boxes and crates are all available.

Our crates & bases are optimised for exporting by sea, air or land or for short or long-term storage.